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Traditional Culture Consulting Business
Updating Japanese traditional performing arts, traditional crafts.


Japan is a country of craftsmanship. Its arts and crafts are uniquely valuable because of the skill of its artisans and the delicate and beautiful sensibility that is uniquely Japanese.

We want more people to know the skills, stories, and splendor of such traditional Japanese culture. I would also like to pass on the traditional culture to the younger generation, which is about to cease to exist due to a lack of bearers.

To achieve this, we need to break away from the conventional thinking that “if you make something good, it will sell” and introduce marketing and communication methods to the world of traditional culture.

We discover issues from both the perspective of those who are involved in traditional culture as lovers of traditional culture and from the third-party perspective of the customers and buyers who purchase products, and we work together to find the best solutions while staying close to the bearers of traditional culture.

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The Four T’s

By hybridizing the “4 T’s” :TEA, TRADITION, TECHNOLOGY and TRANSFORMATION, we spread the spirit of Japanese ZEN (goodness and Zen spirit) throughout the world.